2010 -2011

Name of the College: Govt Degree College, Palamaner
Year of Report          : 2010-2011

Section A:

A. The departments of Arts Commerce and Science are very Successful in the introduction of Additional inputs in the syllabus.


    All the departments have been conducting the curricular and extracurricular activities.


      The institution aims to achieve the pass percentage to not less than 60%.


        To organize one blood donation camp by the students to provide community services.

        Section B: Details in respect of the following.

        Details of Activities
        1 Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of College.

                 Teachers are constantly encouraged to the participate in orientation and refresher
                     Courses organized by different academic staff colleges of the university.
                     Inorder to raise the academic standards in the college, arrangements are made to add latest text books and subject Journals to the library. Utilisation of budget (Govt) towards development activities is done during the academic year.

        2 New academic programmes initiated (UG AND PG). NIL
        3 Innovations in curricular design and transaction Teachers are constantly encouraged to adopt new methods of teaching. ICT enabled teaching is done.
        4 Inter-Disciplinary programmes started. 01 The Department of Botany conducted an orientation programme to the students of BA regarding the terminology used in competitive exams conducted by State Govt. & Central Govt. organizations.
        5 Examination reforms implemented.


        6 Candidates qualified: NET/SLET/GATE etc. NIL
        7 Initiative towards faculty development programme. The teaching staff of the college is encouraged to   attend the orientation and refresher courses conducted by the Universities.
        8 Total number of seminars/workshops conducted. 04 by every department and the same is registered in the Departmental activities register
        9 Research Projects a) Ongoing; b)Completed 01 by Dr.A.Mohiddeen Basha . (On going), Title: Implementation of Urdu as official language. Amount: 85000/-
        10 Patents generated, if any NIL
        11 New Collaborative research programmes NIL
        12 Research grants received from various agencies

        MRP grant: Rs. 85000/-
        National seminar in Urdu – Rs. 100000/-
        National seminar in Commerce – Rs. 140000/-

        13 Details of research scholars NIL
        14 Citation index of faculty members and impact factor NIL
        15 Honors/Awards to the faculty: National and International. Dr. A.Mohiddeen Basha, Lec. In Urdu honoured with the State Best Teacher Award for the year, 2010
        16 Internal resources generated The restructured fee is collected and utilized.
        17 Details of departments getting assistance/recognition under SAP, COSIST(ASSIST)/DST,FIST, and other programmes NIL
        18 Community services

        a) Literacy drive  in villages and in slum areas
         b) Awareness camps on Citizen-ship rights and responsibilities
        c) Blood donation camps

        19 Teachers and officers newly recruited Sri Balachandra Naidu Lecturer in Zoology joined on promotion.
        20 Teaching – Non-teaching staff ratio


        21 Improvements in the library services The Library is enriched with the new purchase of books and computer service too is provided in the library  to down load the e-journals.   
        22 New books/journals subscribed and their value

        Number of Books:325

        The amount sanctioned and spent:1,84,715/-

        Courses in which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on student feedback

        All the students of the college have been supplied with student feedback forms. The information is analyzed and the teachers are advised to use novel methods of teaching.
        24 Feedback from stakeholders Collected
        25 Unit cost of education Rs.18000/-
        26 Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examination results, issue of certificates

        All the correspondence with CCE, Hyd is done through online only.

        27 Increase in the infrastructural facilities 11th plan budget of Rs.8.00 Lakhs for the construction of Class rooms.
        28 Technology upgradation One computer is purchased by the committee for conducting the UGC Minor Research Project of Dr.A.Mohiddeen Basha, Reader in Urdu.
        29 Computer and internet access and training to teachers, non-teaching staff and students Three teachers received training on computer and internet access from the expert trainer of the institution.
        30 Financial aid to students

        612 students received financial aid from State Government.

        31 Activities and support from the Alumni Association 6 S-Type chairs are contributed to the commerce department.
        32 Activities and Support from the Parent-Teachers Association NIL
        33 Health services NIL
        34 Performance in sports activities NIL
        35 Incentives to outstanding sportspersons NIL
        36 Student achievements and awards NIL
        37 Activities of the Guidance and Counseling unit

        The students are motivated to attend JKC the skill development  programme.

        The students are encouraged to attend training classes. 
        38 Placement services provided to students 06 Students got selected to various institutions and industries.
        39 Development programmes for non-teaching staff non-teaching staff NIL
        40 Good practices of the institution

        Visits are made to villages to know the problems of the farming community.


        Linkages developed with national/international,academic/research bodies

        42 Action taken report on the AQAR of the previous year

        All the plans of the previous year are chalked out and are implemented during this academic year.

        43 Any other relavant information the institution wishes to add _

        Section C :Outcomes achieved by the end of the year .

        The students are motivated to go for higher education and to secure a job. Their skills regarding employability are motivated highly.

        Section D : PLans of the college for the next year.

        To encourage the students to cultivate finer Social Cultural and Moral values for a healthy and vibrant society.


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        Director,  coordinator,IQAC                                                             Chairperson,IQAC